7 tips for weekend cleaning routine

Per month we thorough clean up four times, at the end of each week. That means one day you vacuum throughout the house, dust, clean windows, sanitary ware and household appliances. Big pain, isn’t it? Know that you can do quickly and efficiently clean but for that you have to follow a few golden rules.

Start cleaning from the last room. Cleanliness must be started in the farthest room to the front door. This way, once you have finished vacuuming, dusting you will not be forced to enter the room and bring up dirt from other areas of the home.

Do not forget about the hard to reach areas. Often forget to clean in hard to reach areas or avoid. Know that you do not want to have to clean there. Do not forget the dust which is deposited to the individual radiators or cast iron over the furniture. Also, do not forget to clean under the stove and refrigerator. And door frames in the house, but also those of the windows should be washed.

Use natural products correctly. They are very effective if you know how to use them. So, is that half of fresh cabbage with you should rub the carpet to refresh its colors. Baking soda has bleaching properties and can be used to clean rust stains deposited on sanitary items. The vinegar will clean lime stains, but also windows and mirrors. All soda is known for its power to remove odors.

Cleaning doesn’t mean disinfection. Do not you think that if you cleaned the sink, the toilet, bathtub or shower stall that means you have eliminated bacteria or germs that have developed in these places. When you want to remove dirt and stains use cleaning products with high power. When you disinfect, look for special products.

Use appropriate detergents. If you wash the wooden floor with tiles detergent, you’re wasting your time. Also, if you want to clean the oven, do not use dish soap, detergent but especially powerful degreaser. Many objects or surfaces in your home may be damaged if you do not use appropriate cleaning products.

Vacuum textiles, and dust from the walls. Especially in rooms where windows are kept open appear very often dust on the walls. Use a broom or vacuum the walls every few months. Careful! The brush should be very clear to leave no traces.

Do not wash windows when it’s sunny out. Because of the sun you will not notice any traces of dirt and therefore you can’t clean some areas properly. In vain you use suitable detergents if you do not succeed to wash the windows properly. Sun will block you from seeing traces on the windows.

Myths that you should stop believing in

To clean the house properly using inadequate solutions takes time and energy, needlessly lost. But often it happens to fail. Here are some myths that you should stop believe in!

The windows are best cleaned with newspaper – False! In combination with alcohol or water or cleaning solutions, the newspaper will leave marks and streaks on the glass. Even if they are almost imperceptible at first you will notice when it rains.

Carpets shouldn’t be cleaned very often because deteriorates – False! Carpets should be cleaned very often because they are a very dangerous source of mites, bacteria and microorganisms. The most important is to clean carpet depending on the type of dirt or stain type.

Chlorine is the best cleaner – False! Chlorine does not clean dirt, chlorine disinfects.

If you double the amount of detergent laundry will be cleaner – False! A quantity of detergent will produce more foam. Obviously, things or items you wash will be more difficult to rinse.

But, in case you feel like not working on your weekend after a hefty week, contact some professional cleaners and get cleaning quotes in London. By getting a cleaning estimate you will be able to make a better informed decision.